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Campaign for Fiscal Equity

Tue, Feb 15, 2011

Geri Palast in

New York education advocates: There's more than one way to measure success.

"Those averages mask the reality that the high-needs kids in the low-wealth schools are being shortchanged on a regular basis," said Geri Palast, the Campaign for Fiscal Equity's executive director.

CFE won an education-equity lawsuit against the state for not providing all students access to a "sound basic education." That led to legislation in 2007 to correct the inequities by adding $5.5 billion in education spending over several years. However, only one year of the plan was fully funded.

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Parents from across the state march on the Capitol in Albany to show support for CFE.
CFE Litigation CFE v. State of New York
In 2006, after 13 years in the Courts, the New York State Court of Appeals affirmed the right of every public school student in New York to the opportunity for a sound basic education and the state’s responsibility to adequately fund this right, but deferred to the Governor and the Legislature to determine the appropriate amount. more >