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Campaign for Fiscal Equity

Wed, Jun 18, 2008

Joel Klein Fund Threat Bogus, Say Critics

Erin Einhorn, NY Daily News

The schools advocates who sued the state for shortchanging city kids Tuesday accused city Schools Chancellor Joel Klein of lying to skirt state budget laws.

Klein has been saying for weeks that state laws requiring him to drive the bulk of state dollars to needy schools have forced him to impose deep budget cuts of 5% or 6% on success stories like Stuyvesant High School.

But an analysis conducted by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity suggests Klein plans to spend more state dollars on rich, successful schools than the law allows.

"Despite the fact that they're running around telling people that they're cutting rich schools in favor of poor schools, the fact is they're not even doing that," said campaign director Geri Palast.

School officials quickly identified a number of flaws with the study including that it used the wrong formula to define “needy,” but the study could further weaken Klein’s position as he pressures with Albany to relax the rules before the proposed cuts become reality.


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