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Campaign for Fiscal Equity

Fri, Aug 15, 2008

CFE Analysis of NYC Contract for Excellence July 23rd Proposed Allocations for SY2008-09

Distribution satisfies State Ed. Department's 75/50 rule, but DOE may have supplanted city education dollars with state Contract dollars.

CFE conducted an analysis of the final distribution of $359 million in Contract money to 1,349 New York City schools based on data available from the Department of Education’s (DOE) website. These schools represent 100 percent of New York City public schools outside District 75. DOE allocated no Contract dollars to District 75 schools. CFE analyzed Contract dollars according to Concentration of Need, discretionary and targeted allocations, Program Area as defined by Commissioner’s Regulations, and Grade Organization.

CFE’s findings indicate that the final distribution of Contract dollars satisfied the requirement that 75 percent of Contract dollars be allocated to schools with 50 percent of educational need. CFE’s findings also suggest that in its efforts to restore the spending power of all City schools to 2007-08 levels, DOE may have supplanted some City dollars with Contract dollars.

Download the complete analysis(pdf).

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